White Pee


San Francisco band White Pee and their incredible recording "Mudclaude" is the latest apollolaan recordings release.
Limited to 50 hand numbered copies on cdr.
The cover art is a drawing by the amazing Fliss Horrocks. Inside cover art is vinyl cut hand printed front and back covers, with insert by Matthew Shaw.

On this recording White Pee are:

michael boul, moises rios, josh pollock, larry boothroyd, anthony marin

"Readers of my JAPROCKSAMPLER will already know how Hi-Red Centre got around being non-musicians at the height of the swinging ‘60s by instead performing ‘Pop Art’ actions such as cleaning the streets in a Pop Art stylee and throwing their clothes from the flat roofs of high buildings, running down and collecting it all in labelled suitcases and checking it into Tokyo station’s lost luggage dept., thereafter publishing maps of these events in place of the LPs they so desperately wished they coulda recorded. Here in good ole 2009CE, White Pee’s twenty-five minutes of fame appears to be a musical version of that aforementioned Hi-Red Centre event, the four musicians of the ensemble delivering to our doorstep (don’t let these motherfuckers in, fer Chrissakes!) one enormous, nay Titanic slab of both-ends-burning glacial erratic sonic sub-strata that, were it an oven cleaner, would be available only to large professional family businesses with 100% safety records. Hmm, these crazy cats at Apollolaan Records are letting us in on some serious shortcuts and overgrown pathways; catch this wild limited edition piece of Resistance at myspace.com/apollolaan"

Julian Cope