Sold Out!

Multi-instrumentalist Nick Palmer is our latest artist on apollolaan. Recording under the name directorsound since 1999 Nick has just recorded this incredible new album for us called “Minstrels for Sleepless”. On these recordings Nick plays Guitars, Piano, bouzouki, mandolin, clarinet, autoharp, toy piano, harmonium, dulcimer, saw, cello, drums and bells, and is joined on two tracks by Lucy Andrews on Viola.
Other labels Nick has worked with include Geographic, Rusted Rail and Domino.

The tracklisting for this release is:
1. Some reckless healing
2. The shepherd and the moonlit thief
3. The bed on the book
4. Whispers
5. A little later

This release is 50 copies on cdr.
Each copy is unique, with hand painted art on gold card and housed in an envelope. All copies are numbered.

“Minstrels for Sleepless”, is another gentle and understated gem, this
time written and recorded by Nick Palmer working under the name
Directorsound. Playing an array of instruments including piano,
guitars, bouzouki, clarinet, dulcimer, saw and drums, the music is
pastoral and vibrant, the gentle piano/violin pairing of “Some Reckless
Healing” giving way to the more complex “The Shepherd and the Moonlit
Thief”, both tracks soft as moonlight and sounding wonderful. Throughout
the album the musicianship is peerless, adding considerably presence to
the tunes, the effortless simplicity belying the more technical aspects
of actually playing them. Highlight of the disc is “Whispers”, a
delicate and wide ranging track complete with the otherworldly sounds of
the saw, whilst the final “A Little Later” leads us out as we came in,
wide eyed and filled with peace.