White Pee - Wing Off A Plane

Sold Out!

We at apollolaan recordings wish you a very happy 2010 and are happy to be starting the year with a new release by White Pee.
"Wing off a plane" is an interesting document, featuring some of the earliest "brown lsd magic" created by the band, originally available as a very limited cd available from one shop in the Bay area of San Francisco, and now available from apollolaan. The album is a single track, and just under three quarters of an hour in length.

"...ahahahahaha, the apollolaan is the definitive as well as the final version, there will be no repress"
Michael Boul

This numbered cdr edition is limited to 50 copies with hand painted sleeves. It comes with a wrap around cover and insert.

"I have been very impressed by the new WHITE PEE: www.myspace.com/whitepee CDEP ‘Mudclaude’ on the Apollolaan label: www.myspace.com/apollolaan. This San Francisco quartet’s enchanting, dark and humorous din is a delight, and the recording is a lovely yet frighteningly relentless tale of what loss has to tell. So, the perfect soundtrack for what you want to do and what you don’t! There will be a re-release of their first full length CD, ‘A Wing Off of O Plane’ also on Apollolaan, which is a long slow descent towards a brown acid hell, luckily crashing in an ocean of drink, and alive by the grace of God."
David Tibet

Rock-A-Rolla magazine review by Scott Mckeating