Gish/Perry - I'm Afraid I Ate Too Much Butter As A Youth

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I'm Afraid I Ate Too Much Butter As A Youth is the new album from Gish/Perry. This cdr release is an edition of 50 hand painted and numbered copies, with a wrap around cover and insert. All artwork is by Matthew Shaw.

Gish and Andrew Perry have been playing together in various bands for longer than either of them care to remember. Improvised no-input mixing board feedback, mouth slop, guitar feedback and harmonics argue in this democracy of the loudest.

Gish is a sound artist based in London, with John Peel sessions and major European festivals under his belt. His education being in electroacoustic composition, his work has been performed at the Sonic Arts Festival. In the past Gish has also played as a member of Tex La Homa, Sunshine Republic, Jack Nicholson, Miss Black America and My Hi-fi Sister. In the last year he’s released a barrage of incredible records on some of the most interesting new British labels.

Perry has come up through the UK none scene playing with Terminal Grief, Sunshine Republic, The Good Time Guys, No Context, Damo Suzuki, Makoto Kawabata, Sindre Bjerga, Nils Rostad, Dead Wood, Touch My Junk and also released many fine records on equally interesting labels. Perry plays live as much as he can, having toured the UK and Europe in 2009.

Rating: happy This record left our Phil feeling happy.

I know the feeling. I love butter. I stopped using butter in a bid to try and be healthy and gave up recently as butter is a million times nicer. There's no competition at all... I even tried to kid my self that olive oil spreads tasted better. So stupid...Anyway I think this is a collaboration between both artists through this long 3 track CD. The 1st track is a long drone with some weird whispering and crunching noises which slowly builds but doesn't really do more than that. The 2nd track is my favourite... it starts off an ominous sounding drone before it builds to include some weird spacey sounding electronics and extra fuzzyness. And then you get one more track. I won't go into too much detail though as that would ruin the surprise! Edition of 50 on Apollolaan Recordings in a foly sealed map thingy!

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