G L E A M I N G - Orgonon

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Out of the ashes of DRMWPN rises G L E A M I N G. Apollolaan are very proud to make available the debut release by this amazing band. Orgonon creeps up on you before sucking you right into an Orgonic state of musical ecstasy. Released as an edition of 50 cdrs. Each copy somes with a hand painted cover with insert and wraparound cover. All artwork by Matthew Shaw

Here are the details...

Recorded live at the Empty Bottle, 052410, Chicago, IL

Ken Camden: guitar
Jim Dorling: saxophone
Mahjabeen Kareem: viola
Adam Krakow: sitar
Steve Krakow: banjo
Dan Mohr: voice, Nord Electro II
Liz Payne: zither
Dan Schneider: guitar
Charlie Universe: marimba
Adam Vida: drums
Sam Wagster: bass


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Rating: 4
...according to our Phil on 14 October 2010.

Here's one of those limited Apollolaan CDR jobs in a foldy paper sleeve in their regular limited editions of 50. This one features varies famous types from Chicago including Ken Camden (Kranky) and some members of Thrill Jockey's Town & Country. Yikes! It starts off pretty mellow before a sitar appears and some mellow drums come in and before you know it you got a full on chilled cosmic jam right in your face. Given the folks on it you'd expect it to be of reasonably quality and it is. It's well psyched-out. Proper floating in space music, while you get smashed out of your face on happy pipes. Oh, there's a saxophone and it's building up a bit more, ooo now it's calmed down a bit. It's gonna build back up any minute,... yes! There it goes. It's a huge 30 minute free jam of massive psyche proportions. Decent quality though I will say.

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