texlahoma - The Rites of Spring

Sold Out!

For our Vernal Equinox release, we are pleased to announce that "The Rites of Spring" by texlahoma is now available. This cdr comes in a wrap-around cover of a photo taken driving from Blandford Forum towards Badbury Rings, within is a hand painted cover, using acrylic on white card. "The Rites of Spring" contains 5 new peices recorded over the last few weeks. texlahoma on this recording is Matthew Shaw, and was made using vocals, Moog Prodigy, little boy blue, acoustic guitar, a recorder, various percussion instruments, harmonica & a singing bowl.

"Always beautifully packaged and worthy of your attention are the releases from Apollolaan Recordings. The Latest batch does not disappoint, so let’s start with the soft strangeness of Tex La Homa, (Matt Shaw), whose latest five-track EP “The Rites of Spring”, mixes gentle acoustic guitar, flutes, bells and almost whispered vocals into an intoxicating whole. After the introductory lullaby instrumental of “Bonnie”, we are led into a stranger dream filled world as “The Bridge” reveals itself to be a surreal hallucinatory tale, reminding me of Kevin Ayers in its feel. Opening with bell and flute “Wild Swan” is another dream washed journey, the piece turning into a vocal drone, rising and falling until the echoed flute returns, curling like mist around our thoughts. After such mystery, the gentle guitar of “Penn Hill” is a welcome breeze, a chance to sit in the sun before a rattle of electronic insects heralds the arrival of “Sunshine and Snow”, the disturbing sounds used as a backing for spoken words, the listener needing to strain to hear the meaning, producing an intense and edgy soundscape that is a long way from the gentle acoustics of the opening track."