Sold Out!

MyBroken101 are a heavy psych band consisting of five members, Matt Gowing, Andrew Tomkinson, Douglas Dalton, Greg Baggot and Simon Tomkinson. Wall of sound guitar, sub bass and rolling drums, play deep groove based rock and roll. Like a modern day Revolution, the sound slides from white noise to melodic blissed out drops of Psilocybin induced hypnosis. The band's current mission is to destroy and start a fuckin musical revolution. Hail Hail Rocknroll.......................................

This is the debut release from MyBroken101, the tracklisting is as follows:

The Drones
Mondays - Tex La Homa remix
Never Down Again
Big Hands
Through The Darkness - Tex la homa mix
Never Down Again - MB101 subtonk bass remix

The cd is packaged in a blue transparent clam shell case, and comes with a professionally printed booklet, all housed within a spray painted and lino cut printed card wallet.

"a collection of pulsing electronic tunes from Mybroken101, with opening track “Drones” setting the pace as a relentless rhythm and squashy breaks dance out of the speakers, a dirty distorted guitar adding to the volume and adding to the fun. Things are slowed down slightly for the more ambient electronics of “Monday (Tex La Homa Remix), which sounds like Renegade Soundwave, the slower pace remaining in place for “Never Down Again” an icy blast of electronic repetition that is highly effective. Add to this the droning wash of “Through the Darkness” and a heavier bass mix of “Never Down Again” ;and you have a collection well worth turning up loud and getting completely lost in."


This release was limited to 56 hand numbered copies