The Driftood Manor - Found Photographs of Ancestors

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Formed in 2007, The Driftwood Manor are a loose collective of Irish musicians formed around the songs of main-man, Eddie Keenan. For this release, Keenan worked with regular collaborator David Colohan (Agitated Radio Pilot, United Bible Studies) in creating the second installment of what is a planned tryptich. The first, 'Every Light Goes Out Eventually', was released on Slow Loris Records last year.
The idea of the project was to marry Irish traditional folk and Eastern influences incorporating a significant amount of minimalist guitar and bouzouki as well as synths and layered bowed instruments of all kinds throughout.
The concept of the recording was inspired by, quite literally, an old photograph of Keenan's grandparents and the idea of whether we’re constantly doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

"Found Photographs of Ancestors" is an cdr edition of 50 hand numbered copies featuring individual artwork by Matthew Shaw.

The tracklisting of "Found Photographs of Ancestors" is

1. Found Photographs of Ancestors

2. The burden of crows

3. At Clonmacnoise

The Driftwood Manor are

Eddie Keenan: vocals, guitars, bouzouki, banjo, organ, keyboards, kaos pad.

David Colohan: bugle, Hmong tuen flute, tin whistle, low whistle, vocals.

All songs written and performed by The Driftwood Manor. Recorded by Mike O'Dowd at Lakeland Studios, Glasson, Athlone. Mastered by Steve Fanagan. Produced by The Driftwood Manor. Copyright 2010 The Driftwood Manor.

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Rating: 5
...according to our Phil on 05 August 2010.

If there's one word I struggle typing it's Apollolaan. Thank christ for cutting and pasting! Here's a nice looking CD in a screen printed card inner wrapped up in a folded out poster with a picture of a house on. Delightful. I've really liked what I've heard by these guys so it's great to see a few other labels picking up on 'em. They do the whole psyche droney folk thing very well indeed. Obvious nods to Six Organs, Alex Tucker, Ali Roberts etc. in there but they have their own style which they stamp all over your ears. The vocal harmonies are excellent, you get some nice twangy acoustic guitar all doused in psyche sounding bowed droneyness. Very lovely indeed and I'm thoroughly taken by it. 50 copies only so I don't expect 'em to hang around too long!

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